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Dep Affect

Dep Affect is an Australian producer who has been unsettling dance floors since 1999. With releases on The Third Movement, Industrial Strength Records, Industrial Propaganda and Genosha Recordings; Dep Affect continues to explore the terrain between techno and hardcore; collecting devastating kicks, deep atmospherics and brain twisting sounds along the way.


  • [DD15100] Various – Collected: Into The Dark Lands – We Are Family

    [DD15100] Various – Collected: Into The Dark Lands – We Are Family

    Low Entropy, Braintune, Corner, Cubic Nomad, Cyberstruct, Defiler, Densha Crisis, Dep Affect, Dustrializer, Electronic Mind Expansion, Embrionyc, Energetic-X, Hidden Rooms, Human Resource, Hypoxic, Mindwalker, Mute., Nekra Damage, Panic Scenery, Razor Edge, Sei2ure, Shatterling, Sidephex, Sound Abuse, Stan Grewzell, Starving Insect, SummA, Symbolic Death, Synaptic Memories, The Fallen, The Relic, Tonal Verges, Zanthrax 0 play


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