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[SOP 050-1320] Marko Markovic – Truth Is The Lie


This time around, we have some real talent up our sleeves: Marko Markovic, a Serbian DJ and producer who has only one release in his discography so far, which he actually put out as a minor. Now this is bound to raise some attention for sure: Five tracks that oscillate between relentless underground techno and black atmospheres, tribute to his manifold background in dark ambient, experimental and industrial noise genres. “Black Mass” and “Evocation” are non-club tunes to facilitate psychonautic exploration, while “Flakka Induced Agitation”, “Truth is the Lie” and the brazenly titled “Techno from Goa/Acid Mix)” hit hard and demand their place an the underground dance floors. Don’t believe what’s on the sleeve, truth is the lie!

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