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I love making music using a full hardware setup, several drum machines, synths, effects and a mixer do the trick, and oh boy, do I wish I sometimes had more hands …
also love 2 play records, especially the energetic breakbeats and ravey hardcore acid gabber records …
those that move more than just your feet !I am no technician, but love to mess around with machinery … circuitbending ( got me inside the machines, starting with bending-modifying regular toys, then some drum machines (tr505 tr707) and synthesizers sh101 -mc202 , I use a tb3031 from oakley systems that I “assembled” myself, great project that was ! And finally my xoxbox has joined the family, including loads of awesome mods, what a joy to play with this machine = ]

another thing i love to do is projecting coloured slides to transform all sorts of surroundings,
with an army of 30 projectors I can fill up an entire building, or light up outsides .