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[DD14087] Stan Grewzell – Odyssey


“When people left Earth to find a new place to live, it was the most ambitious and hopeful space flight project in human history – the last chance, the ultimate odyssey. The trouble weren’t all the technical difficulties, the limited resources or the undefined duration of the journey – it was the human mind:
What are the mental effects when you have no destination, when you live in a flying cage for generations, with only a few centimeters of steel between you and death? When the crew starts bickering over the course of the ship, when sabotage occurs, when creepy rumors and mistrust spread? When you start seeing… things?”

This is the soundtrack to that journey – an odyssey through nightmarish noises, dark techno and tripping hardcore. With just a handful of EPs since 2009, Stan Grewzell from Hamburg surely doesn’t rank among the fluent producers – albeit having carved his own niche with a specific sound setting him apart from other artists distinctly. Genre-defying, trippy and packing a proper punch, such are the qualities that have propelled his (few) tracks into a number of playlists already. Now it’s time to take off – and the odyssey ahead is massive for sure, with 25 tracks for the digital, and not less than 27 for the double CD, there sure is a lot to be discovered and experienced.

Stan Grewzell offers a cornucopia of sounds and textures: Soundtrack-like elements and atmospheres as you would expect from a conceptual release meet firm kicks and distortion rendering the majority of tracks well fit for club use; a prevailing mood of darkness that never gets overstretched, and during the course of this odyssey the rising tensions and paranoia correspond with a general, steady build-up of tempo and abrasiveness. With this, “Odyssey” works on two levels: As a thoroughly enjoyable album for the electronic connoisseur and an abundant fund for DJs – a more than topical release for these times that appreciate hard industrial techno sounds for good reasons.

Homer already knew that of all creatures that breathe and move upon the earth, nothing is bred that is weaker than man. So it’s not upon everyone to dare the hardships of the odyssey. Ask yourself: Are you strong enough?

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