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[DD14115] The Relic – Bunker III


“I could not believe my eyes. This really was the derelict hole that my grandfather had called home for months and months. Now I started to get an idea how he was the man I got to know – a shell really, an outline of a human being lacking any substance. No warmth, no compassion, no joy, just caution and anxiety, no means of expression at his disposal. The inhumane surroundings had sucked all empathy out of him, left him devoid of soul, lifeless. Like a chunk of concrete he had spent his life, withering away slowly throughout the years, until the cracks became so numerous the bulky structure simply collapsed. Heartbroken, I left this epitome of hell, the bunker.”

Four years have passed since industrial hardcore powerhouse The Relic last descended into the bunker to find the inspiration for a full length album. You know you are up to something massive here – six guest producers, not less than 17 tracks, over 80 minutes of sheer energetic concrete crushers. Bunker III pursues a dramatic thrust from overwhelmingly dark and noisy to more fast-paced tracks with a definite hardcore DNA, from the acid-throbbing “Type 10”, rich with eerie samples, to the 160 bpm peak time smash of “The Locked Door”.
“Echoes of the Past” not only blasts the listener away with its hoover sounds, but serves as a kind of underlying testimony: One will notice many old school references within The Relic’s signature sound on “Bunker III”.

For the sake of diversity, old and new alliances have spawned half a dozen collaboration tracks: Mute. and Mental Wreckage go back to the Symp.tom alliance back in the days, Embrionyc and Sacerdos Vigilia have been accompanying The Relic for a long time, CRPTC and Dustrializer come from the new breed of producers. And let’s not forget the schizophrenic contribution of Cubic Nomad here.

In a genre that does not spawn so many albums, The Relic proves essential once again.

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