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The time when life forms started to evolve,
the world was small and simple.
They had to find out how things work
and how to communicate with each other.
Every species worked hard to survive.
It was eat or be eaten.
Hunt or be hunted.

Every species created its way to stay alive
and specialized in specific crafts & powers.
Most of them lived in groups, some stayed individuals.
Those individuals made their own rules and paths.
To do the same, create & evolve, but via a different way.
For the group entities, a reason to keep those ‘life forms’ out of their clan.
To prevent incidents & irregularities.
Scared of the unknown.

Those individuals who chose to stay alone sharpened their thoughts, feelings & communications.
Still, some kept their life simple just to stay alive, some became more extreme.
Because life needs some extremism to explore new paths & techniques.
To get the new and unexplored to be accepted & normal.
Normal in the way the ‘mainstream’ thinks it should be.
Or not.

But not every life form feels ‘connected’ to a way like that, they continue in what they do.
No matter what. And they don’t care.
In some way they just want to show the ‘mainstream’, the way the masses act,
it can be done in a different way.
Their way. To do the same: create & evolve.

Now you have reached the domain of an individual like that.
One who doesn’t see the importance of doing the same everybody already does.
Seeking a different way and level of quality life can bring.
Being critical against the followers who are afraid of a difference.
Strengthened by loneliness, hardened by its awareness.