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FEATURED – The Relic

Who is The Relic?
The Relic is Maurice Pinkster, a 43-year-old DJ and producer born and raised in Dordrecht, The Netherlands, near Rotterdam and the Belgian border. Growing up in proximity to these regions influenced his love for electronic house music. The Relic made his first appearance on the infamous FIX Records and is currently the owner of Dark. Descent. and its sublabels.

What are your musical goals for 2024?
My goals are to release a substantial amount of new music under The Relic and my other aliases, continuing to pursue my own artistic direction.

Are there any upcoming projects you would like to share?
Well, the new ARK release is currently in processing at the pressing plant, so a new vinyl is on its way as we speak!

What characterizes a typical The Relic performance?
In this case, I will be doing an ARK set, featuring a blend of 90’s style hardcore with influences from my past. Of course, numerous ARK tracks will be mixed in. A typical The Relic set is characterized by a blend of energy and various styles. I aim to tell a story, educate the crowd, and take them on a journey.

What are your expectations for Into The Dark Lands?
As always, I anticipate a great energy and vibe with friends, colleagues, and supporters from around the globe!

What do you know about Dordrecht?
I was born and raised there, so feel free to ask me anything! It’s a very historical and beautiful town in the south of The Netherlands.

Do you have any last words?
Everyone, come to Into The Dark Lands and enjoy the music; you won’t hear often at other parties!