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Xtematic is main project of Marko Jović (born in Croatia, Osijek 3/3/1994).He first came into contact with electronic music at the age of 12, from then he devoted himself to listening to the hugely diverse range of styles and genres ( mostly hardcore , industrial , hardstyle , oldschool techno , dnb , breakcore …) .At age of 16 he discovered and started producing harsh noise , experimental , dark ambient , hnw , glitch music/noise genres. Great influence on him had a free improvisation, noise, experimental artist Diazepa.M who brought him into the world of producing.At age of 17 Marko bought his first synth Korg Monotron and some other music producing equipment.His first release was harsh noise release on Shit Noise Records and after few days he released experimental noise ambient on Itsu Jitsu label togother whit Adrien Mailler. Marko’s projects and works are cold , dark , violent and very disturbing.He has few side projects: Asimonde ( dark/experimental ambient ) , Marko Jovich ( space ambient ) , Antisocial Block ( Slowly changing HNW ) , SR90 ( dark/industrial noise , together with R_ea ). Artists like Government Alpha , Aube , The Relic , N-Vitral , Tymon , Access to Arasaka , Lustmord , Yellow Tears , Merzbow… had a big impact on Marko s producing and life.At beginning of 2012 Marko together with japanoise legend Government Alpha managed to arrange release of his first LP which was released on Chiper Productions in 2013 .