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[SOP 031-1316] Panic Scenery – Exalted Voidstate


Spirit of Progress digs up a Belgian newcomer who enters the industrial techno circuit with a bang (and a hiss): A bold foray into the dark and dirty sound that is currently enjoying an exciting renaissance (say Boiler Room, say Orphx, say Ancient Methods), “Exalted Voidstate” self-confidently goes all the way from experimental to hard-hitting with noteworthy ease.

Panic Scenery gets you into the industrial groove via the piercing riffs (and almost rhythm noise-style harshness) of the introductory “2 Minutes to Singularity” before “Blood-Starved Beast” calls to the dance floor (the kind made of concrete). “Inhalant Abuse”, “Hemwick Lane” and “Psychward Nineteen” form a more boldly experimental trilogy of tracks, repetitive, addictive – and eerily psychic. “Hidden Swarm” brings back the peak time metallic sounds and sturdy beats, even more pronounced in label mate Battling Anomaly’s version, a proper banger putting the icing on the cake. A remarkably profound debut that’s guaranteed to grow on you!


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