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[DD13091] The Relic – Motivation Protocol


It has been a while since the last The Relic EP – so let’s see what original industrialist Maurice Pinkster is up to. The first three tracks of “Motivation Protocol” pick up the trademark Relic sound of darkness, distortion and heavily resounding 140+bpm kicks, garnished with intelligently used breaks, melodic bits and samples, and some nice details – for example, within said range of sound, “Salami Tactics” is bred with a definite hardcore DNA, while “How do you kill a god?” references industrial techno. “The Weapon” is a somewhat different cup of tea – again a collaboration with Embryonic, a cheeky take at downtempo doomcore, an avalanche of distortion with such a supple bass line it will make the dead want to move their limbs. Truly motivating stuff for those in the know!

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