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[DDRS004] Various – Rōnin 四


The rōnin roamed the countryside, free from commitment, devoid of favour or privilege, a wanderer without a home. He served no master and feared nothing on earth, his heart as free as a bird and his mind as clear as the morning breeze.

Can you think of better refreshment during the heat of summer than a blitz of darkness? Instalment four of the Rōnin series promises to deliver, again. EMBRIONYC’s “Blitzlichtgewitter” has been a cherished staple of The Relic’s DJ sets for years, but unbelievably this is the first time this extended monster of a hit is being released. STRANGE ARRIVAL has infused a 2018 midtempo industrial track by DUSTRIALIZER with some crossbreed steroids, and THE RELIC maintains the high-octane dynamics. It’s up to HYPOXIC to grant some diversion with his piece of moody, (head)banging doom’n’distortion.
Yes people, you need to cherish the entire range of uniqueness again, and on top of it all you will be revealed some secret knowledge about clipping.

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