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Raum 107

In 1989 he started creating experimental Industrial and Electronic sounds with an old Roland synth, a Yamaha drumcomputer and 3 tape recorders.
1994 was the year where he began djing and producing Techno music.
Since now he has several projects where he can express his love for different styles and combining various sounds.
Sometimes he gets the feeling that everything what he does musically turns just about creating the perfect atmosphere.


  • Into The Dark Lands (N.O.R.A.D.)

    Into The Dark Lands (N.O.R.A.D.)

    Carnage, Cubic Nomad, Embrionyc, Emma Susanne, Moleculez, Petrochemical, Raum 107, Sound Abuse, Stan Grewzell, Starving Insect, The Peoples Republic Of Europe, The Relic, Warchetype

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