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Into The Dark Lands – “Return of the white Rabbit”


Into The Dark Lands – “Return of the white Rabbit”

“In the heart of the forgotten area, the white rabbit had gone into hiding for five years. Its fur, once as pure as snow, now glowed with an eerie luminescence. Whispers of its enigmatic presence echoed through the industrial wasteland. The faithful never forgot about that creature of the shadows, leaving all who encountered it forever ensnared in a mystic trance, trapped in the rabbit’s eternal game of hide and seek. Little did they know his return was imminent.”
Five years in the long grass, Dark. Descent. hosts the Into The Dark Lands party again at its home ground in Dordrecht at Bibelot, the industrial hardcore living room, on the 13th April 2024. Don’t miss the family reunion!
100 Kilo Maarten (LIVE)
Energetic-X vs Embrionyc
Nanostorm (LIVE)
Sacerdos Vigilia
The Relic (ARK Set)
Starving Insect
Hidden Rooms vs Cubic Nomad
Ben Harder (HOST)

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