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[DD14067] Mindwalker – The World Is Out There


With his second full length for Dark.Descent, Mindwalker surely collects impressions from the world out there, resulting in an album of eclectic darkness and fruitful collaborations. With one half of the album operating at around 130bpm and a second half of considerably faster tracks, this will find its way into DJ sets of different styles – and into the hearts of a varied crowd: You will find the entire crossover EP “End of Eternity” (featuring The Relic, Electronic Mind Expansion and Embryonic), with its strong appeal to the industrial dance and cybergoth crowd for its melodic strength and female vocals by Mi’a; then there are distinctly technoid tracks like the fabulous update of a classic Mr Sinister track or the bouncy “For the Doom Walkers; the collaboration with Synaptic Memories introduces vintage hardcore sounds and some unexpected humor, while “Ready to go” and “The Last Melody” carry a heavy acid and darkcore signature. But what this album is really about is the knack for melody, as in the pocketing title track and the awe-inspiringly genre-defying Shatterling remix with its electro pop synth lines. A strong bid for open minds, the world is out there!


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