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[R23004] Cubic Nomad – The Observer


“He had been walking for days. Not that he loathed the city, he had just grown weary of the noise, the dirt, the detachment. It was a sense of belonging he craved. His instinct had directed him away from company, towards nature. Slowly he could recover his senses, make out what he was really feeling. In the past people had called him many things that he believed were true: Secretive, brooding, forbidding even. All that he was not, it had always just been his way of coping. Sometimes he had felt the rush of emotions would carry him away, into an abyss he couldn’t control. He had always been fighting his compassion, his love of life, but the more he purged himself of negativity he could embrace that self image. As he strode on, it became clear what he felt was his place in life: To be the observer.”

Back for his 5th full length album, the Cubic Nomad takes a sometimes bleak outlook, yet with always positive implications: Extending the musical scope of the hard rhythmic as well as the tripping ambient albums Cubic Nomad has released in the past, he delivers a production that goes all the way from atmospheric and organic downbeats to pulsating electro swagger, a vibrant exploration of what is possible, also including a number of vocal performances by guest artists, torch songs, adult pop (if the term doesn’t shock you), even a rap track. Along with all the musical variety of piano lines, poetry, cinematic grandeur you will find vocal performances from lusty to angelic, provided by various guests like long-time collaborator Emma Susanne, Dutch singer/songwriter Frank van Gils, US-based heavenly voice Zefora, the (also American) Jessie Schoen in cooperation with 5th of July and UK rapper Lyr1cal.
Nevertheless “The Observer” retains a basically electronic nature. Prepare for nearly 80 minutes of authentic and deep melancholia in various shapes.

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