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[SOP 042-1419] Battling Anomaly – Into The Rabbit Hole 


It’s techno, it’s dark, and it’s an album in its classical sense: Dutch producer Gerard Bakker lets his Battling Anomaly moniker resurface to come up with a release that will leave a mark.
„Into The Rabbit Hole“ draws from his knack for atmospheric ambience – which he employs under his Broken Mind guise – and the obsession with bass sounds he explores as Paranoid Movement. For Battling Anomaly, these elements are used as a base layer atop which there’s the steady drive of the concise and kicking rhythm.

From the beginning there’s a distinct buildup in tension, again and again upping the ante in terms of intensity and rhythmic force. In that fashion, the main body of „Into The Rabbit Hole“ will suck you in like a black hole and make you twitch over its nine stages.
Then, to put the icing on the cake, two tracks from ITRH and from the 2013 “Absence of Light” EP (the only standalone release so far) get an experimental remix treatment, with up and coming producers As The End Nears and Shadowfiend DN getting credit for the extra amount of doom they apply.

It’s the carefully designed sonic subtleties that make these tracks stand out – and render „Into The Rabbit Hole“ fit for dual purpose: A listening album, nevertheless yielding some serious club tracks.

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