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[DD13080] Human Resource – Dominator (25 Years of Domination Remixes)


Proud times for Dark. Descent. – It’s up to yours truly to deliver a six pack of remixes to honor the 25th anniversary of one of the biggest and most successful hardcore tunes of all times. Just think of the trademark “bigger and bolder and rougher and tougher” rap and you’re in for the instant earworm. The other element that “Dominator” is famous for is the hoover sound, first used by US techno veteran Joey Beltram in the Second Phase track “Mentasm”, but the sound was largely popularized by the biggest hit of Dutch hardcore group Human Resource.

The group started as a four-piece in 1990, and “Dominator” propelled them towards stardom a good year later. Their two full length albums were also very well-received, especially the sophomore release “The Kicking Noise of Rotterdam”. Success resulted in years and years on the road, with many changes of the line-up and all the wear and tear terminating the band eventually. What remains is the legacy of “Dominator”, which has spawned a string of remixes and rereleases until today.

Actually there are a couple of links between Dark. Descent. and the tune: “Dominator” was first released in 1991 on 80 AUM Records, a label from Dordrecht, just like Dark. Descent., and label boss Maurice Pinkster (aka Cubic Nomad, aka The Relic) collaborated with „Dominator“ vocalist Larenzo Nash on a production in 2000. So it’s all but fair enough that six big names form the Dark. Descent. Label roster get their shot at the first ever industrial hardcore interpretations of the larger-than-life tune: Sound Abuse and Sei2ure from the Netherlands, Australian producer Dep Affect, Embrionyc from Germany and Maurice Pinkster himself with his two main projects.

Pay attention, something bigger and bolder and rougher is in town!

Releases in December!

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